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Red Siberian Husky

If you ever think of a Siberian husky, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? You will probably think of them as one of the majestic and flashy dog breeds with piercing blue eyes! No doubt, they are flashy dogs, and today we will talk about the flashiest of all about Red Siberian Husky!

Many people think that husky dogs are only three colors white, grey or black, so when red husky comes around, they become the winners. Red Siberian husky is known for its mischievous nature and high energy drive.

Like all huskies, red husky dogs are true working dogs that chase jobs and playful activities. Please do not get confused; red husky is not a separate breed. It is one of the colors within Siberian husky dogs. Red Siberian husky is often named the red husky dog, Siberian husky or Alaskan husky.

No matter what name you call them, they will melt our hearts with their wolf-like features and red coat.

This beautiful red breed is a playful and social dog that loves to play with children. However, they love to run; beware! Red husky is the cutest dog breed ever imagined! Originating from the northern areas of Asia known as Siberia, Chukchi people bred red Siberian huskies to pull the sled.

Then the huskies started to make their place in royal hearts because of their loyal and friendly nature.

Today, red Siberian husky puppies are known to be loveable, friendly puppies for adults and children. They have a gentle nature and are not aggressive like many other dog breeds.

They love to make new friends and get to know new people and places. Red husky puppies fit into new households quickly, which makes them a heart-warming breed.

Average Size of a Red Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is known to be a medium to large dog breed. Their average size is 20 to 24 inches for males and 19 to 23 inches for female Siberian huskies.

Red Siberian Puppies Personality

Red Siberian huskies have a bigger personality that often gets them in trouble. They have a strong prey drive for smaller animals like birds, cats and rabbits.

Being bossy, they love to go on test drives to see what they are capable of. However, this attitude and energy make them a fantastic work dog breed. If you have pets, we recommend you to make your red husky socialize. Socialization may reduce their prey drive, but you will have to be careful otherwise!

You might be fascinated by their wolf-like appearance, but that’s not it! They howl like wolves, not bark. They use strange noises, Wookie’s and howling for communication and let you know about suspicious human beings.

With a little training and patience, red Siberian huskies become one of the best and friendly working dogs.

Red Siberian puppies have a pack mentality; that’s why they love to be in a children’s household. They are not for single parents living in the city because they need to chase smaller animals and play around.

In short, if you mix a cat, a wolf and a dog, you will get a Siberian husky puppy. Despite their higher energy levels and bigger personality, they still love to cuddle and kiss.

What You Need to Know About Red Siberian Husky’s Health

Any purebred like red husky can get certain health problems. It doesn’t mean that all red huskies are not healthy, but you must be aware of common health problems to tackle them timely. Always ask your red husky breeder to show health proofs for the following health problems.

One of the major health problems is cataracts. It can cause clouding in the lens of your husky’s eye, affecting the dog’s vision. If left untreated, cataracts can leave your red puppy blind for life.

Bloating is, however, a common health problem, which can cause eating quickly. Large dogs like Siberian huskies eat big volumes quickly and drink too much water, producing excess gas to build up.

This might seem common, but if the gas keeps building up, it can cause twists in the stomach to lead to death. Watch for early signs like being uncomfortable and lazy; if you see so, consult a veteran.

Training and Exercise

Red Siberian puppy is not very easy to train because they are headstrong and intelligent. Do not worry; they might be stubborn, but they know when they need to obey their owner. But training them is most important because if you don’t, you will have a bad time in life.

They often take the lead, so you will have to make sure that you are the leader. Yelling and being violent doesn’t work on red Siberian huskies; they will get more stubborn. The first two years are crucial; you have to train them regularly.

Red huskies have no exercise limits. Of course, they have been pulling sleds. You can take them to jog and run; you will get tired, but they won’t. If you are an active person who loves to work, look no further, red Siberian puppies are meant for you!

Grooming Tips for a Red Siberian Husky Puppy

Like all other dog breeds, red husky puppies also need regular grooming. They are prone to teeth problems. For better dental care, you should brush their teeth daily or thrice a week. However, bathing should be minimum, unless they roll around in mud or water in the yard!

Siberian huskies have a glossy double coat; to maintain their coat’s gloriousness, you have to brush them daily.


Active dogs require a high-quality diet with lots of proteins, so do the red huskies. We recommend that you feed raw meat or dry quality dog food that is manufactured for active dogs. Please do not feed them all at once. Split their feeding to two or three times a day.

Where to Buy or Adopt a Red Siberian Husky

Red husky is a cute and friendly yet royal dog. You may find them at local red Siberian husky stores. However, many people buy them but cannot take care of them. That’s why they end up in rescue. We recommend you adopt a red puppy instead of buying.

You may find hundreds of red Siberian husky rescue stores online that sell and breed quality red Siberian puppies. Make sure you do not get scammed; many breeders sell unhealthy huskies to first time buyers. We are sure that our guide about red huskies has broadened your knowledge.

Red Siberian Husky
Red Siberian Husky

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What Is the Proper Name for The Red Husky Dog?

The Siberian husky dog breed has many names often because of its color variations. They are often called red husky dogs, red Siberian husky, Alaskan dogs, or red husky puppies.

2.      Are Red Huskies Rare?

No, they are not rare. However red huskies are not very common like other Siberian huskies.

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