How to train a Husky Puppy| Ultimate Guide

Huskies Training
Huskies Training

You need to know your Siberian husky puppies perfectly to train them. You need to know his mood, behavior, and needs. If you understand the world of Siberian you will be able to train him. Research on his Huskies training is all about strengths and work on his weaknesses.

A Siberian husky is considered one of the most beautiful and excellent breeds of dogs. They look like a wolf with beautiful attractive eyes. A Siberian husky has a lot of stamina, making them a very active dog. They are very appealing and look great this is the main reason that people consider owning a Siberian husky.

Huskies Training

A Siberian dog has specific characteristics and behavior that are not common in every dog. Every husky dog owner needs to guide how to train huskies because he may face huskies training difficulties.

Training tips for puppies

In the training of the Siberian Huskies puppy please remember

  • Do not punish your dog. Punishment is not a training part. Avoid hitting or physically abusing the dog.
  • Behave extreme levels of patience and persistence. Never give up.
  • You must display a strict attitude and do not praise, or reward the dog if he does not pay attention as you have asked.
  • Be consistent in your training schedule. Must be scheduled for a class at the same time of the day. your dog will recognize soon the time of learning.
  • Use rewards and praise when a dog responds to any command.
  • The husky dog will associate responding to commands with praise or rewards and responds quickly.
  • Treat nicely with the dog as you would a colleague.
  • While training, speaking to the dog will ensure that the dog keeps his attention focused on you.

Husky training difficulty

You may face husky training difficulty when

  • If You are unwell.
  • You are very angry and upset.
  • You have low patience.
  • When your mind is absent.
  • When you are not self-confident.

Dog Obedience training

There are some obedience dog training techniques for huskies

How to train a husky to sit?

There are some steps to follow during training

  • You need to sit in front of the puppy and then hold your hand in front of his nose.
  • He will sniff your hand and then you will raise your hand.
  • Command him to sit.
  • If your puppy doesn’t understand what you say, then you will use your other hand to guide his backside down.
  • Repeat this if he sits down.
  • Appreciate him and repeat this process many times daily.

How to train a puppy to stay?

Must follow these steps to train your puppy to stay

  • If you are standing command your puppy to sit.
  • Open your hand palm
  • Take two steps back and as you say stay then keep your palm gesture firmly.
  • If your puppy understands what say you then go to him and appreciate him nicely.
  • Keep repeating this process and increase the distance between you and your puppy every time and do not stay with them for a long time in the beginning.

Potty Training

How to potty train a puppy to go outside?

Your husky puppy will make mistakes at an early age. Never punish your puppy if he uses your kitchen or room as a toilet. Just keep training. Make a puppy potty training schedule so that your dog recognizes the time of learning

How to toilet train a puppy in 7 days?

Fastest huskies puppy potty training method

1 Create a designated spot to potty train

Find a place you want to sacrifice. This place should be relatively small and away from the main areas. If this area is quiet then it’s the best place. Make this spot as ideal as it can be because it’s good for your dog.

2 Take your puppy to the spot after key moments

Take your Husky puppy to the spot after eats, drinks, play, Sleep and before bedtime. These are those moments that puppies will typically need to use the toilet.

It can be difficult to know when it will happen but you should take him to the spot after these moments. In this way, you can catch the chance when he needs the toilet.

3 Wait for them

Give them some time to settle, sniff around and become comfortable. You can wait up to 10 minutes here, as long as your Husky puppy isn’t completely distracted.

When your husky puppy finally does their job successfully, praise them. After a few successful times, your Husky puppy will know exactly why the spot is used for, and when to use it.

4 Take them away from the spot

Immediately take your puppy away from this location. This spot is just for the toilet. When he fully trained he will know only to go there when he needs toilet

Crate Training a huskies Puppy

The need for a crate is usually just in the beginning when your puppy does not potty trained. The need for a crate becomes less when the puppy able to bite. It is an excellent way to keep your puppy safe while he is still young.

BrandMidWest Homes for Pets
Materialpolyester; fleece

How to crate training a huskies

First, keep in mind that perform crate training at night.

  • Locate the crate in your bedroom near to your bed.
  • Make your crate comfortable.
  • Place the blanket over the crate.

How to communicate with the dog?

Teach your puppy two words Yes and No. Yes means positive consequence and No means negative consequence.

In fact, We do not need to use the words “Yes” and “No”, and can use the mark-words we want.

we must be consistent while communicating with our dogs. The best specific words are unique and do not frequently come up in normal conversation.

This helps to prevent confusion with our dogs. Consistency is very important we also want to establish very consistent rules and a fixed routine.

Are huskies easy to train?

Training your husky puppy is not a hard thing to do, it just takes time and consistency. Forming a good habit from the beginning makes it your puppy easy to get the correct training.

This is in your hands that how much you spend a lot of time with your puppy. If you don’t have time or you have aggressive behavior then it’s really hard to train.

When should I start training my huskies?

As soon as possible you can start the training of huskies puppies. you can start training your puppy from the age of about 8 weeks.

It is never too late to start any type of training but you will make your life easy if you start earlier. Husky puppies do not have any long-term bad behaviors that need to be trained out, unlike other dogs.

Huskies Puppies Training Tips

  1. Be a good leader
  2. Engage in Obedience training
  3. Get the right collar
  4. Train your husky to potty outside
  5. Use crate training
  6. Correct bad behavior
  7. Overcome the training difficulties
  8.  Train your husky to pee outside

Get Right Collar for Your Dog

MaterialNylon, Canvas
Closure TypeBuckle
Huskies Training
Huskies Training

How your Siberian husky learns?

We can divide the husky’s learning period into 5 phases

The teaching phase.

In this phase, you must physically demonstrate to them exactly what you want them to do.

The practicing phase.

Once a lesson is learned, practice with your dog what you have just taught him.

The generalizing phase

This is the phase where you must continue practicing with your Husky in different locations. Take him out for a walk and command him to practice whatever you have taught him.

The testing phase.

You must start testing his accuracy in newer locations with a lot of interruption when you feel that your husky has achieved almost 90% success.

Internalizing Phase.

This is the extremely rewarding phase where your husky does everything without your command.

Husky behavior problems

A dog with aggression issues can be very unpredictable. When a Siberian Husky has behavior problems, you may notice that one minute the dog will be playful and very fun to be around but the next minute he could be bust and growling.

These mood changes may be due to a stimulate that you may not be aware of, in some situations, you may even cause the stimulus without knowing.

How to deal with an aggressive Husky?

If your Husky has started to develop some aggressive behavior, you must work with him to overcome him.

Note when your Husky starts to display these behaviors and keep your dog away from these triggering situations.

When your Husky starts to behave aggressively, use a firm ‘no’, along with his name. Wait until your Husky calms down, then reward him.

Husky weight chart by age

AgeMale HuskyFemale Husky
2 Months10 – 15 lbs / 4.5 – 6.8 kg8 – 12 lbs / 3.5 – 5.5 kg
3 Months23 – 30 lbs / 10 – 14 kg18 – 30 lbs / 10 – 14 kg
6 Months33 – 43 lbs / 15 – 19 kg26 – 36 lbs / 12 – 17 kg
9 Months40 – 53 lbs / 17 – 24 kg33 – 46 lbs / 14 – 21 kg
12 Months43 – 57 lbs / 19 – 26 kg34 – 49 lbs / 15 – 22 kg
15 Months45 – 60 lbs / 20 – 27 kg35 – 50 lbs / 16 – 23 kg

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