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Siberian Husky
Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is best known for its endurance and eagerness to work. Their almond eyes that can either be blue or brown have fascinated the writers and film producers. Huskies are medium-sized and are well known for their seemingly effortless gait.

They are one of the best working dogs originated to help Chukchi people of Siberia hunt efficiently. Chukchi people wanted to expand their hunting grounds, but they needed Siberian huskies to pull their sled. So, huskies became the best sled breed. But who knew, these sled dogs can be a cuddle bug too?

Siberian Puppies

Siberian puppies have a double coat, that’s why they can easily bear severe winters. Did you think their beautiful almond eyes can help them protection from loose snow? Yes, __ You guessed it right! Their almond-shaped eyes protect them from loose snow and strong sunlight.

“Loyal, mischievous and outgoing; that’s how you define a Siberian husky!”

Siberian Husky Dog
Siberian Husky Dog

Apart from their breathtakingly beautiful eyes, wolf-like looks and mischievous expressions, there is a lot more to learn about husky puppies! You may have fallen in love with this little and lighter puppy, but you never know what this breed is truly like. Whether you are already a husky parent or you are planning to buy one, let us tell you Siberian husky puppies are not meant for everyone.

These puppies are remarkable, but they have certain difficult traits! But, there’s nothing to worry about, these high energy husky puppies can be gentle and affectionate if you treat them right. They are so intelligent that they know they have to act innocent in front of the guest, and alone they are the disaster! What else can you expect from the Siberian huskies?

If you are looking for a calm puppy to settle in the chair and obey every word of its master, then the Siberian husky puppy is not your match. Huskies are a true match for persons who want a friend and a leader because that’s what Siberian puppies love to do!. If you are an active person and have plenty of time to dictate, Siberian puppies are meant for you.

Average Size of a Siberian Husky


The average size of a male Siberian puppy is between 21 and 23.5 inches, while the female husky puppy can be anywhere between 20 to 22 inches. The male husky weighs from 45 to 60 pounds while a female Siberian puppy can be 25 to 50 pounds.

Siberian Puppies Personality

Siberian huskies have a complex personality; they want a leader and the other; they want to be a leader. But this will make your training easier because they love and respect their leaders, but as nothing comes easier, do not be overwhelmed by them. They will try to take control over time.

Siberian Husky Puppy

Husky puppies love clarity and consistency. You have to prove yourself a leader by confirming the rules not by punishing and bullying; because that won’t do any good.

Husky puppies are heavy dogs; they can be disastrous when not given enough play around and exercise. Nonetheless, they are quite charming! They love being social__ only when they want to!

Huskies are adorned for their friendly nature because they become friends with anyone. This can be alarming because on the road they are not very suspicious about strangers. They need to be trained properly to identify friend and foe. They may tell you if someone is around, but they do not know how to protect you.

Siberian puppies have a nice temperament; their temperament depends on different factors ranging from their training to master’s behavior. Socialization may help ensure that your Siberian husky becomes a well-rounded dog having a good temperament.

What You Need to Know About Siberian Husky’s Health

Unlike other dogs, the Siberian husky is a healthy breed. But like all breeds, they are prone to certain health problems. It doesn’t mean that all husky puppies will get into these health problems, but it’s better to be aware of them.

If you plan to buy a husky, look for Siberian husky puppies for sale; either online or stores. You need to consult a reputable Siberian husky for sale point to show the health clearance for both of the husky parents. Health clearance is proof that the puppy has been cleared and tested for a certain health test.

Recommended health tests are:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Ophthalmologist Evaluation

If a Siberian husky for sale point claims that the husky puppies don’t need these tests because it never had any problem. They are scams. Walk away immediately and look for another breeder.

Remember that you have to take proper care after getting a tested and healthy puppy in your home. The common problem is obesity. Keeping a Siberian husky puppy at an optimal weight is one of the easiest ways to expand his life span.

Grooming Tips for a Siberian Husky Puppy

Siberian puppies look well-furred because it’s their breed standard. Huskies have a double coat which sheds throughout the year. You will have to continuously brush your dog’s hair once a week.

The Huskies are not smelly, and they rarely need a bath. They don’t need a bath unless they jump into something stinky. For bathing use good quality shampoo so that their fur remains smooth and glossy.

Brush your husky puppy’s teeth’s thrice a week to help prevent tartar build-up. Dogs tend to get teeth problems; therefore, you must take care of your Siberian’s teeth.

Trims his nails after a week or so. If they tickle them on the floor, they are too long and can cause harm for kids. Trim them!

As your Siberian dog grooms, check for rashes, inflammation and redness o the skin or in the nose. These common signs can lead to significant health problems.

Diet and Exercise

Siberian huskies are bred to require less food and high energy levels. Feed him one cup of good quality dry dog food. The amount of food depends on many factors like energy level, size and weight. You can adjust the level of protein according to your dog’s working level. You don’t have to overfeed your dog, watch his needs and feed him accordingly. Make sure you regularly monitor your dog’s weight to prevent obesity. If your dog doesn’t like food, you may talk to a veterinarian about your Siberian husky.

Siberian puppies are highly active dogs. They need a lot of exercises. They are not small couch puppies; huskies love to play and perform active functions. To help your husky groom into a well-rounded dog, take care of his exercise. Siberians were bred to pull the sled; therefore, they must be kept on grounds and fence all the time. You will realize that the busier the husky, the happier and healthier it becomes.

Where to Buy or Adopt a Siberian Husky

Siberian husky is rare and high-end dogs, it means that it won’t be available in local stores. But it’s always worth checking. There are so many online Siberian husky rescue services; you can contact them to get one. Make sure you check their credibility before buying to avoid any kind of scam.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have some of the frequently asked questions related to Siberian husky puppies. Let’s have a look:

  • Is A Siberian Husky A Family Dog?

Yes, huskies are a good family dog for households with children. They are nice and tolerant But like all other dogs, they need to be supervised so that they won’t hurt anyone.

  • What’s Bad About Siberian Husky?

Usually, Siberian puppies are social, but they have a high prey drive. They shouldn’t be kept around rabbits and cats.

  • Can Huskies Be Left Alone?

They shouldn’t be left alone. If you leave them alone for a longer period, they may get anxiety and isolation distress. Huskies always want to have company.

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