Husky vs Malamute | History | Comparison chart

huaky va malamute

The Siberian Husky andAlaskan Malamute seem to be somewhat similar and a great deal of people confuse the strains for one another.  While they might seem a little like every other, there is a surprising quantity of difference between husky vs malamute you did not understand. Perhaps you did not understand Husky vs Malamute, for … Read more

How to train a Husky Puppy| Ultimate Guide

Huskies Training

You need to know your Siberian husky puppies perfectly to train them. You need to know his mood, behavior, and needs. If you understand the world of Siberian you will be able to train him. Research on his Huskies training is all about strengths and work on his weaknesses. A Siberian husky is considered one … Read more

Siberian Husky Dog Breed | Health | Facts | Information

Siberian husky is best known for its endurance and eagerness to work. Their almond eyes that can either be blue or brown have fascinated the writers and film producers. Huskies are medium-sized and are well known for their seemingly effortless gait. They are one of the best working dogs originated to help Chukchi people of … Read more