Siberian Husky Colors, Patterns and Coat Types

husky colors

Huskies are known for their thick, luxurious coats that can come in a variety of colors and patterns. Siberian Husky Colors combination is white and agouti, black, grey, red or sable, but they can come in other colors too.  Some coat patterns, like Merle, are also associated with health issues. Whether it’s the brave white … Read more

What Are Some Facts About Miniature Siberian Husky Puppies?

miniature siberian husky

Miniature Siberian Huskies are a popular choice for people looking for a small, energetic dog with a wolf-like appearance. These affectionate, loyal little lapdogs are fluffy and have a lot of energy. An adult Miniature Husky typically weighs around 35lbs, and usually stands no taller than 16 inches in height. They are considerably shorter and … Read more

Best Cow Ear Treats For Dog

Best Cow Ear Treats For Dog

Dogs are natural chewers and before they get attracted to chewing your household goods, you should serve them with a healthy chew such as best Cow Ear treats for dog. Sourced from cows the ears have been dehaired, thawed disinfected then dried out for canines who love nothing more than sinking their teeth into something … Read more

Best Dog Toothpaste 2022 For Healthy Gums and Teeth

Best Dog Toothpaste

Brushing your pet’s teeth with the best dog toothpaste is a great way to keep them healthy and happy. Dental disease can cause serious health problems, so it’s important that you take the time every day or week for thorough brushing. A study conducted by The American Society of Mammalogists found over 85% percent of … Read more